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Jas commercial Food Waste Crusher is an Electrically operated Unit used for Crushing of Food Waste to Avoid Drain line Chock-ups because of Food Waste. It can be used in Homes, Hotels, Hostels, Canteen, Restaurants, Temples, Public Halls, etc. It can also be used as a Mobile unit for Functions like Parties, Marriages, etc.

Food Waste Disposer ( Garbage disposal unit )

Description of Food Waste Disposer ( Garbage disposal unit )

Jas Enterprises from Ahmedabad entered into the field of manufacturing food waste disposer, crusher. In the modern day nuclear life and apartment-ed culture, people tend to dump food waste in the kitchen and later get it cleared by the servant. Food waste lying in the bins attracts cockroaches, insects and rodents. While decomposing, food scraps can cause disease-causing bacteria to multiply. To keep them away by removing waste hygienically.
Crusher is an electric food waste disposer that rids you, of all that unhealthy waste instantly. It disposes off the food waste that is fed into its metal chamber. The heavy-duty blades grind the garbage in seconds into fine particles and flush it down the drain that provides a very clean and healthy environment. Crusher ensures the most hygienic means of waste disposal. Crusher is most hygienic and easier to use which contributes to a healthier environment. It has been designed and built to resist the major cause of disposer – failure: corrosion and to keep jamming to an absolute minimum. Crusher provides an absolute advantage and protection to every commercial kitchen from drainage blocks, clogging of drains and disease causing bacteria, which is why disposers like crusher form such an important part of homes worldwide.
Food waste disposers allow you to wash your food scraps and leftovers down the drain. It’s a simple, efficient and economical way to dispose of your food waste.
The operator merely has to push the food scraps and leftovers down the drain and flip the switch to grind the waste into tiny particles that can easily wash down the drain.
Food-waste disposers reduce the amount and weight of your total waste, saving you money on hauling, liners and labor.
Food-waste disposers are simple to operate. Just push the waste into the opening and while running cold water, turn on the unit.
To make sure all the food waste is broken down into minute pieces that can easily flow into the sewage system; the shredder rings on all food-waste disposers have four machine-ground primary-action breaker bars and secondary-action grinding teeth. The two hardened stainless steel cutter blocks are replaceable and can be indexed to offer new cutting edges.
Servicing food-waste disposers is equally easy. Removing the motor is a simple matter of removing the bolts—four on the compact and medium-size models and eight on the JAS-FD-500 that anchor it to the grind chamber.
No free rides. To prevent food waste from “riding” on the center, continuously spinning around without being processed, the flywheel has a breaker blade mounted at the center, accelerating the grinding action of the disposer. To further ensure that the food waste is reduced to a suitable size before passing to the drain line, the Ni-Resist flywheel has slots that undercut the shredder ring. To increase its efficiency processing heavy loads, the JAS-FD-500 automatically rotates in the opposite direction at each new start.

Standard Accessories

  • 2 HP (1.5 kW) totally enclosed fan cooled single or three phase squirrel cage electric motor is supplied with food waste disposer{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz , 1/3 phase
  • Main body and blade is made from stainless steel
  • Approximate 800-1000 kg per hour food waste disposed
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