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We are involved in manufacturing and supplying a broad spectrum of bowl choppers which is used for chopping and cutting various fruits and vegetables in equal size or as desired by the user. These are made of alloys, steel or coated material and enabled with rotary blades which make fast and efficient chopping. This range of bowl choppers is widely used for chopping leafy vegetables, fruits, and other food products.

Commercial Food Chopper

Description of Vegetable Chopper

A commercial food chopper more commonly known as a buffalo chopper, bowl cutter, vegetable chopper, fruits choppers, bowl chopping machines, silent cutters, electric bowl chopper or commercial food cutter.
This food chopper is designed and suited to cut up and chop vegetables and fruit. It is driven through an enclosed-gear with a covered slicing blade. Body is made of an aluminium alloy with a 5 liter stainless steel bowl and is equipped with an emergency shut-off switch for added safety.

Operating Principle of Food Chopper

The food chopper comprises a rotating stainless steel bowl into vegetables and fruits are deposited manually. Bowl chopper’s bowl which holds the vegetables and food rotates during the cutting process. Ingredients are chopped in the bowl by a multi-bladed revolving knife positioned at the rear of the bowl and revolving in the vertical plane. There is a stationary blade that spins while the vegetables and fruits are passed through it, and the process continues until the food is chopped to the desired size. There is also a lid that covers the machine, which has an enlarged area to accommodate the spinning blade. Food processing bowl chopper machines are fitted with an unloading scraper which discharges the product from the bowl into a container via a chute. Bowl cover interlock prevents running when cover is in improper position.

Robust construction of food copper

Jas-BC-84145 food chopper with 14” stainless steel bowl, double cutlery grade stainless steel knives with stainless steel knife comb and stainless steel handle for easy to carry, 0.5 HP motor, single/ three phase motor with flexible cord and plug, having 1400 RPM knife rotation and 22 RPM bowl rotation as per our slandered supply

Features of electric bowl chopper

  • Perfect for alliums vegetables like garlic, leeks, onion, shallots, spring onion, roots and tuberous vegetables aubergine, egg plant, brinjal, beetroot, carrots, celery, parsnips, potato, tragopogon (salsify), sweet pepper, sweet potato, legumes vegetables i.e. Broad beans, French beans, peas, runner beans brassicas vegetable like brussels sprout, cabbage, calabrese broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, radishes, rutabaga, turnips and many more can easily chop with jas bowl chopper.
  • Bowl cover interlock prevents unit from running when cover is not closed and lock.
  • Unloading scraper which discharges the product from the bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl and twine blade and aluminium bowl cover thus no corrosion hazards.
  • Compact size thus easy to move
  • Removable bowl cover, knives and bowl for easy-to-clean
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