Commercial kitchen processing machines

Commercial kitchen equipment

Catering to the diverse requirements of food industry, we offer a precision engineered range of multipurpose dry and wet pulverizer, which are specially designed for wet and dry grinding for all type of material such as wet dal, rice, chutney, wheat powder, besan and herbs etc and can also be powdered to required mesh. Consisting of high speed stainless steel liners and rotor and all contacting parts are food grade.
Our range of commercial kitchen equipment includes multipurpose dry and wet pulveriser, wet pulverizer ( gravy making machine), dough kneading machines, multipurpose fruits and vegetable peeler, multipurpose vegetable cutting machine ( slice, greater, dicer [cube cutting], Julian cut, strip cuter), bowl chopper ( vegetable chopping machine), vegetable and cheese grating machine, green chili, onion chopper, mixer, grinder, Blender and mincer stirrer ( hand mixer / agitator ), food steamer (idli, dhokla, momos steamer), mawa musti machine (mawa polishing machine), chapati making machines etc...

Gravy Machine

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Description of Gravy Machine

The Jas enterprise manufacturer and exporter of gravy making machine has been designed after years of research, trial and test. A simple machine that grinds without stones and any abrasive material, that wears off and makes corriosion, it grinds anything and everything, wet matirial to the fineness required. It occupies very little space, easy to operate, wash and clean. Grinding is done under cool atmospheric air, thus retaining the original color, taste and fragrance of the material ground, which no other machine can guarantee. The gravy obtained is as good as hand ground paste, and all contacting parts are stainless steel 304 food grade steel thus no corrosions hazards.

Operating principle of Gravy Machine

The flow of material from the feeding hopper rotor with four cutters runs in anti-clockwise direction. The beater pass just beneath the ratchet teeth liner fitted inside the top half of the crushing chamber, leaving a gap of 3 mm between the liner teeth and the tips of the rotating beater. This cuts the material caught between the liner teeth like a sword with a scissors action at a high speed of 2880 rotations per minute.
After the required size reduction, the material will pass through the screen fitted inside the lower discharge end of the grinding chamber. No sieving is required, as the appropriate size screen fitted will not allow coarser material to pass through. The air generated in the crushing chamber forces the paste or gravy to pass through the screen fitted at the bottom discharge end of the crushing chamber, into a filter attached to the delivery trough below.

Servicing guidelines of Gravy Machine

Open the cover of chamber of Gravy Machine all grinding parts cleaned with a brush in couple of minute and the gravy machine is ready for next crushing. If required, the grinding chamber can also be washed with water. Remove the screen, close the cover tightly and start the grinder. Now pour a bucket or two of water into the hopper. The grinding parts will be flushed with the water and cleaned. Continue running the machine for a few more minutes as the draft of the fresh air sucked into the grinder will dry it.

Typical application of Gravy Machine

The Jas gravy machine can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Wet rice, green chillies, coconut, ice cubes, sugar, pot herb, sweet potatoes, banana, peach, papaya, custard apple, urad dal, tomatoes, grapes, lime, ground nut, onion, gourd, bulbous root, dates, pomegranate, pistachio nuts, mulberries, mung dal, boiled potatoes, carrot, all types of pest, ginger, garlic, mint, mango, dry dates, orange, almond, apple,dry fruits like almond, cashew nuts, and other item which can be grind with water.

Outstanding features of gravy machine

  • Unique and reliable design
    • The Gravy Machine are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous pulverizing process.
  • Compact size
  • Dust free operation
  • Ideal for wet grinding
  • Increased production leading to faster return on the investments
  • Low temperature rise for heat sensitive materials

Technical specifications of Gravy Machine

Model No.Chamber sizeMotorSize of Machine in CM and weight in (kilogram)
TW-WP-1202Ø 200 X 100mm1.5 HP56x32x77 (46)
TW-WP-1203Ø 200 X 200mm2 HP62X32X77 (65)
KM-WP-1205EØ 125 X 75mm1 HP46X38X49 (30)
KM-WP-1207EØ 150 X 75mm2 HP46X41x64 (38)
KM-WP-1208EØ 200 X 100mm2 HP46X41X64 (40)
KM-WP-1209EØ 225 X 100mm3 HP56X46X72 (45)
KM-WP-1210E Ø 300 X 100mm5 HP56X46X79 (72)

Note: - Model No KM-WP-1209E & KM-WP-1210E are available only in three phase.

Standard Accessories of Gravy Machine

  • Four numbers of different size holes screen.
  • Three meter suitable cable along with ampere meter and miniature circuit breaker and suitable totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}
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