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We have a wide range of Grains, pulses processing machines like mini dal mill, emery roller dal polisher etc... that are used for De husking, splitting, polishing, different types of pulses, lentils, seeds and other food products

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Industrial Crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipment

Since 1990, we have produced quality pulverizing, grinding and crushing equipment for the size reduction industry. Our size reduction equipment are employing the use of hammers, beater or blades...

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Industrial Rotating and Vibrating Screens

These rotating & vibrating screens are durable use, easy maintenance, high capability. Our rotating and vibrating screens are most versatile machine in many industries

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Mixing and blending machinery

Jas batch type mixer offers 100% uniform particle distribution, 100% uniform liquid coatings, the fastest cycle times, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption per kilogram of blended product per hour..

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Puri and Chapati Making Machines

These chapati machines are specialized machines that are precision engineered for production of puri, roti, tortilla and chapati. Known for dimensional stability and long service life, this machine is offered at affordable price...

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Papad processing Machines

A wide range of papad making machines such as dough kneader with extruder, papad sheeting & cutting machine, semi & fully automatic papad making machines, papad rolling machines, papad press, papad dryer machine etc

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Noodle Processing Machines

The noodle processing process comes inclusive of mixing of raw materials, dough sheeting, compounding, sheeting, rolling, slitting, steaming, & drying...

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Vermicelli, Spaghetti producing machines

Vermicelli, spaghetti, sewai, may be a popular instant food. Our range of products are offered with numerous capacities and is wide acclaimed by the purchasers. Developed in compliance with international quality standard, ... ...

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Potato chips production lines

Jas enterprise at present offers three kinds of potato chips line based on their production capacity and budgetary constraint. 1. Batch type potato chips line, 2. Semi automatic potato chips line and 3. Fully automatic potato chips line

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cassava, banana & plantain chips line

Jas enterprise at present offers two kinds of cassava, banana and plantain chips line based on their production capacity and budgetary constraint. 1. Batch type and 2. Semi automatic Cassava, plantain and banana chips production line

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Namkeen, Farshan Processing Lines

We will commission the line and your staffs get professional training in maintenance and process control. At present offers two kinds of namkeen, farshan processing line based on their production capacity and budgetary constraint.

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Extruded Puffed snacks making machine

Extruded puffed snacks are made from degermed maize (corn) or corn grits, wheat, rice or other cereals. These products are flavored with cheese, spices, onion, and garlic or chill and broadly fall in the fast food category.

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Food processing plants, machinery and equipment

The food processing machinery is designed to clean, dry, peel, rub, polish, grind, blanch, freeze, de-freeze, fry, mix, pasteurize and do other service operations without damaging the quality of the raw materials.

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Commercial kitchen processing machines

We design and manufacture a wide range of hotels and restaurants commercial kitchen equipment that are compact in design...

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Nuts, seeds and dry fruit processing machines

We offer offers nuts, seeds and dry fruits slicers, dicer, shredders, milling equipment, cutting machines, husk remover and many more...

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Beverage processing plants and machinery

There are some important fruit processing machines like pulping, milling, slicing, juice extractor, etc. Fruit processing machine should be versatile enough to handle as many products....

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About Us

Since 1990, Jas enterprise has been doing it all. We have been proudly manufacturing a full line of industrial crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipment including screen less impact pulverizer, hammer mills, spices mill, grains mills, dal mill and different kind of size reduction equipment we also manufacture and export food & beverage proceeding machinery including: semi and fully automatic chapati makers, pain puri making machines, papad making machines, vermicelli, spaghetti and noodle making machines, namkeen machines, potato, cassava, plantain and banana chips production lines, Extruded snacks processing machinery, fruits and vegetable peeler, slicer, dicer, and grating machines, commercial mixers, grinders, blenders, mincers and stirrer also fruit juicer, pulper, vending machines and more, suitable for an ever growing number of industries in virtually any application.
From portable laboratory scale units to complete turnkey industrial systems, our expert engineering team will work with you to design a complete food processing solution for your unique processing objective. The result - customizing without the custom price tag.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Jas Enterprise can produce it with unequaled cost effectiveness.

At Jas enterprise we don't stock any of our pulverizers or food processing machines. We understand that many factors must be considered when choosing the right equipment. Our aim is to match you with a suitable plants or machinery for your specific material and processing goals.

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  • Spice Mill

    Jas Enterprise take success full trail on spice mill grinding of cotton. You can see the video now on our video gallery.

  • Wood Based Heating SystemBatch Fryer

    Jas Enterprise proudly announce Successful installation of Batch Fryer with Wood Based Heating System