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Commercial kitchen equipment

Jas commercial food steamers offer a healthy and efficient way of cooking. Steam cooking maximizes the flavor of food while retaining all the essential nutrients. suitable numbers of trays enable multi-food steaming, perfect for families, entertaining and busy lifestyles. And there is a choice of size and capacity depending on your commercial steam cooking needs.
Jas Food Steamer are mostly known as "Idli Maker" or "Dhokla Maker" but also some times known by the names vegetable steamer, electric steamer, idli cooker, veggie steamer, electric food steamer, kitchen steamer, momo maker, commercial food steamer, patra steamer, patra maker, kitchen steamers, Steam Cooking Equipment, Commercial Steamers, Pressure Steamer and Convection Steamer.

Commercial food steamer / boiler

Description of Commercial food steamer / boiler

Cooking with steam has a number of operational and health benefits. Because it is such an efficient method of heat transfer, it cooks foods quickly without drying them out. Steamed vegetables retain their vibrant color and natural texture plus the vitamins and minerals that may be lost in other cooking methods. Plus, cooking with steam is also very healthy, compared to some cooking methods since you don't need any cooking oils or fats.
We provide a complete range of idli, dhokla, khaman, momos, vegetable and other food steamer / boiler that is appropriate designed to meet the need of bulk steam base cooking of various kinds of food products. Our ranges aid us in preparing a wide range of idli, dhokla, khaman, momos in most convenient manner. These are fabricated using finest quality raw material and customized as per the requirement of clients.
When deciding what size and type of commercial food steamer to purchase, you'll want to think about your menu and output needs. Since size options range from small counter-top steamers to large, multi-compartment floor steamers, you'll want to size the unit appropriately to meet your current and future needs. Steamers are sized by how many full size or half size food pans their compartments hold.

Following are the important features of idli steamer / boiler:

  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel, aluminium contacting parts
  • Easily to clean and maintain
  • Excellent finish
  • Efficient performance.

Applications of food steamer

In this food steamer we can prepare steamed foods such asidli, khaman, dhola, momos and many more food items. We are manufacture and exporter of these food steamers to our clients at competitive range and which helps to prepare steamed foods immediately. These steamers are operated with gas and/or electric and easily shifted at different place. These food steamers can be customized in accordance with client’s requirements. This food steamers are widely use at Restaurants, Eateries, commercial Kitchens, caterers etc...

Technical Details of Commercial food steamer

Model noJas-FS-6Jas-FS-8Jas-FS-10Jas-FS-12Jas-FS-18Jas-FS-24
Number of tray6810121824
Size of aluminium Tray18X14X1.2518X14X1.2518X14X1.2518X14X1.2518X14X1.2518X14X1.25
Size of machine
LXBXH (kg)
23 X 24 X 40 (43)23 X 24 X 44 (48)23 X 24 X 46 (51)23 X 24 X 52 (58)23 X 24 X 61 (48)23 X 48 X 52 (100)


Model noJAS-NKM-6JAS-NKM-10
Number of tray610
Size of aluminium Tray18X18X1.518X14X1.5
Size of machine
LXBXH (kg)
23 X 28X 51 (56)28 X 24 X 66 (75)


  • Main Body Fabricated from Stainless Steel 304 / 202
  • Heating by Gas, Electric
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