Food Processing Plants, Machinery and equipment

Food Processing Plants, Machinery and Equipment

The name gol gappa refers to the fact that crisp sphere (gol) is placed in the mouth and eaten (gappa) at one time, without biting. Pani comes from the Hindi word for water and puri (or poori) is the name of an Indian bread made by frying dough in oil. It is known as phoochka in Eastern Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal and in Bangladesh, because of the bursting sound in the mouth when it is eaten, called gup chup in Orissa and South Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhatisgarh.
We design, fabricate and offer an extensive array of food processing machinery that is made using high quality raw materials and precision made parts. Widely applicable in the food industry, these machines are known for their efficiency and cost effective rates. These machines are available have sturdy and compact design.

Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

Description of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

This pani puri making machine is also use for multipurpose also for farshi puri, khichiya papad , raw chapatti, raw khakhara, farsi puri, mathi puri, sakkarpara, chat papadi, mathri, stick, puri, samosa strip or patti (a triangular fried pastry containing spiced vegetables or meat.), nachos (a small piece of tortilla topped with melted cheese, peppers, etc. ), tortilla (a thin, flat maize pancake, typically eaten with a savory filling.) , dumpling, ravioli, pierogi, pita bread, etc. This is prepared from maida, pani puri (gol gappa) making machine

Flow diagram for pani puri making machine

Mixing ingredients ( Dough Making Machine )

Feeding dough

Dough sheeting

Rotary die cutting

Frying / Cooking

Packing or servings

Key benefits of commercial pani puri making machine (Multipurpose snacks making machine)

  • Unique and reliable design
    • Machine is fitted with heavy duty mild steel fabricated structure, Teflon coated roller, and covered with attractive Stainless steel covers.
    • Due to roller adjustment, pani puri, raw khakhara, samosa strip’s and puries ( (in Indian cookery) a small, round, flat piece of unleavened bread, deep-fried) thickness size changed as per requirements.
    • Specialized Flour sprinkling facility this will sprinkle a light dusting of flour over the dough sheet for smooth sheet, and don't allow to stick each other pics. after collecting.
  • Wide Variety of Products can produced with single machine
    • Various die rolls are easy-to-change and can be used to make pani puri, raw khakhara, samosa strip’s, tortilla, nachos, fulla falla, MC Donald sticks, sakrpara, mathi puri, mathri, ravioli, pierogi, et cetera
    • Different ingredients or additives can be added to the dough to make different flavor
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Conveyor belts are completely removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Operating Principles of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

This Pani Puri plant for making of Pani puri, being a semi- automatic plant, would involve processes right from the mixing of ingredients to collection of ready-to-fry Pani puri at the collection end. The main components of this semi-automatic Pani puri making plant.

Mixer (Floor Kneading Machine):

This would consist of heavy-duty contacting stainless steel (S.S.304/316) body with multi-purpose arms. Heavy duty gears are providing to take the full load and to avoid damage to the mixer arm. Please note that dough kneader is separate machine and it's optional

Dough Sheeter:

Sheeter consisting of a heavy- duty frame with gaugeable rollers driven by a motor with gearbox arrangement would be provided. The hopper would be of stainless steel with proper taper. Dough just pass between two set of Teflon coated rolls each set contains two rollers. After required thickness dough sheet travel automatically on food grade conveyor. A specialized flour sprinkling unit will sprinkle small amount of flour dust on dough sheet.

Rotary Cutting Unit:

A rotary cutting is would be fitted on a roller for smooth and accurate cutting Pani-puri as per the desired size.
There would be a provision for shifting the generated scrap back to the hopper.

Deferent uses of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

Used for pani puri, tortilla, chapati, flat bread, spring roll and samosa Sheet / strip, mathri, raw khakhara, pani poori, nipattu, thattai, tortilla, nachos, fulla falla, Mc-donalad sticks, sakrpara, mathi puri, methi puri, mathri, ravioli, pierogi, etc.

Construction of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

Multipurpose snack making machine consist with four numbers Teflon coated roll, P.V.C. food grade endless conveyor belt for convey dough sheet, cotton canvass belt for transferring wastage to stainless steel hopper for recycling, complete unit is mounted on mild steel fabricated angle stand and cover with stainless steel sheets. Complete with one die roll with P.V.C. Dies, gear box and suitable electric motor as per our standard supply

Standard accessories of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

  • Suitable electric motor{Electricity (Special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 Phase}.with 3 meter cable along with plug top.
  • One number die roll

Optional accessories of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

  • Dough Kneader
  • Extra die rolls for different shapes and products
  • Easy Pick up of finished products from conveyor belt system
  • Rectangular batch fryer

Available Models of Pani puri making machines (multipurpose snacks making machines)

Model NoJas-PMM-600Jas-PMM-800
H.P. (kW)1 (0.75 kW)2 (1.5 kW)
Maximum Diameter of Product150 mm250 mm
Capacity for 50 mm per hour6000 Numbers10000 Numbers

For higher production capacity requirements please contact to us.

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