Namkeen snacks production line

Namkeen farshan processing line

Namkeen mixer machines knows as namkeen mixer, farshan mixer, farshan mixing machines, is suitable for mix all types of sev, nuts, dals, rice flacks, corn flacks, maize flacks, dry fruits etc.
We are leading manufacturer and exporter of namkeen mixer machines that are designed to perfection and are fabricated using best grades of raw material. These machines can prepare different kind of namkeen mixtures with desired ingredients in a hygienic manner.

Semi automatic namkeen, mixture making Lines

The equipment are specially designed and developed on a customer driven know-how to meet the specific demands of the industry for continuous and hygienic production of every variety of Indian namkeens, farsan and snacks.
Gathiya or gathia bhavnagari gathiya, jamnagari gathiya, methi gathiya, makhaniya gathiya, Tum Tum, Sev bhujia like aloo sev, garlic sev (lasun Sev), palak Sev (spinach sev), tomato sev, bikaneri bujia, ratlami sev, agra sev, nylone sev, papadi or papdi, rice flakes (Poha), corn flakes snack pellets, sheeted snacks and many more.
For producing namkeen mixtures Jas enterprise suggest following machines

  • Dough Kneader
  • Namkeen Extruder (Namkeen making machines)
  • Nylon sev machine
  • Namkeen continuous Frying System with Heat Exchanger along with oil tank and cooling system, and Control Panel
  • Namkeen Mixer machine
individual Details are as below:-

Dough Kneader

Dough Kneader

Description of Dough Kneader
Dough Kneader's main body is fabricated form mild steel plated of adequate section to give rigidity and robustness. Rotated bowl is made from stainless steel and dough kneader's arm is made from stainless steel and it's driven by gear box. A specialized stainless steel scraper is provided with the dough kneader. Dough kneaderā€™s bowl and arm is rotating in clockwise thus batch is mix uniformly. Specialized brake is provided thus bowl can lock and unlock. Fabricated "V" belt guard is provided for safety. Available in 5, 10, 20, 40 kg. per batch. Every batch takes approx 10 to 15 minutes.

Namkeen Making Machine

Namkeen Making Machine

Description of Namkeen Making Machine
The dry mix like gram flour, spices are knead through a dough kneader, in which other ingredients are added depending on the target product; these may be liquid sugar, fats, dyes, or water. The preconditioned mix (extruder) is then passed through a namkeen extruder. The namkeen extruder consists of a rotating screw tightly fitting within a stationary barrel, at the end of which is the die. The extruder's rotating screw forces the preconditioned mix (extrudate) toward a perforated plate or die with a design specific to the food, through which it then passed. These Extrusion process enables mass production of food via a continuous, efficient system that ensures uniformity of the final product.

Model NoDrum Diameter SizeHP (KW)Production Capacity
Per Hour
Jas-NM-506”0.5 (0.37)25-30 kilograms.
Jas-NM-908”1 (0.75)60-70 Kilograms
JAS-NM-928” brass rotor2 (1.5)70-80 Kilograms

Nylon sev machine

Nylon sev machine

Nylon sev also known as plain sev, zero sev, agra sev or thin sev, this savoury is prepared using chick pea or Bengal gram flour. This adds crunchiness when added to chaats like bhel puri, papdi chaat, dhai puri et cetera.
Combining the technology, style and comfort at a same time, we unfurl our wide range of sev extruding machines, which find their application for extruding the dough to produce very fine sev effortlessly and in minimum time. Sturdily constructed from high grade metal, these automatic machines ensure reliability, durability and zero defects. These machines are most competitively priced.
A unique brass cylinder is along with different interchangeable dies. A fine-tapper holed die is attached to the container and filled with dough, which is then pressed into hot oil where it fries into crisp nylon sev. The nylon sev making machines are supplied with three dies which may be - thin, medium & thick.

Specification of nylon sev making machines

Machine Body :mild steel fabricated stands with wooden plate and cast iron wheel for easy to move.
Size of machine1200 x 550 X 1675 (mm)
Weight :200 kg.
Motor (Two):1 HP Single Phase/1440 RPM
Production Cap.:100 kg per hour
Operated by :Only Two nu-skilled labor
Three numbers tapper hole screen.

Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

section view of automatic continuous namkeen fryer

Description of Continuous frying system with heat exchanger
Advance Features of Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

  • Complete system consists of frying section with paddles and sub merger belt, top hood, takeout belt, continuous oil filter, day oil tank and heat exchanger.
  • Make up oil is continuously added to the fryer to maintain optimum level.
  • The flow of oil ensures a linear flow of oil, which is necessary in order to have a uniform frying time for all the slices.
  • The equipment is designed to have a low oil holding capacity (325 -350 liter) in order to achieve low oil turnover ratio.
  • Speed of both the belts can be varied by a variable frequency drive to adjust the frying time. Similarly flow of inlet oil can be regulated with valves.
  • The continuous oil filtration is carried out by a belt type filter, which keeps the frying oil clean and filtered particles are collected in a tray.
  • A stainless steel 304 made oil tank is placed with the fryer which can accommodate entire oil in the system.
  • After frying the namkeen, farsan are received by takeout belt.

Heat exchanger

Coil type seamless stainless steel tubes and mild steel shell instant response

Multi-layer insulation

Lightweight ceramic fibre insulation keeps casing temperatures low and does not deteriorate from age or thermal stress. Low residual heat capacity enhances temperature control and eliminates overheating of oil during unscheduled shutdowns.

Self-cleaning tubing

Completely self-draining, our all-welded stainless steel tube bundles stay clean of particle accumulations. Normal thermal expansion produces no stressing or buckling of the tubes, assuring years of reliable, trouble-free operation.
For cooling of oil a shell and tube heat exchanger will be provided along with fryer for better oil management.
The fryer comes with pneumatic auto lifting arrangement of conveying system for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Complete material of construction will be stainless steel 304.

Control panel

The electrical control panel houses all the starters, temperature controllers and variable frequency drives for operation of equipment.
Supply voltage: - 415 volts, 50 Hz, 4 wire


Belts: -Stainless steel 304
Paddle motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0.5 HP
Sub merger motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0.5 HP
Takeout motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0.5 HP
Filter drive motor: - variable speed, 0.25 HP

Namkeen Mixer Machine

Namkeen Mixer Machine

Description of Namkeen Mixer Machine
Namkeen mixers are used in namkeen producing industries for the mixing of sev, dals, nuts, flacks and other ingredients and premixes. The mixer plays a vital role in the namkeen mixture production process, with efficient mixing being the key to good namkeen mixture production for uniform and consist mixing of namkeens. Precisely designed Namkeen mixer for easy mixing of different ingredients of Namkeen and spices in a uniform manner. All contact parts are made of stainless steel 304.

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