Namkeen snacks production line

Namkeen farshan processing line

Snacks include a range of food items that are used for eating in small amounts in between the regular meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not served as the main food item and used to suppress the temporary hunger. Different types of snacks processing machines are designed and developed by us to prepare these snacks. These machines are required only when the amount of snacks to be prepared is high. More commonly snack processing machines are used for commercial purposes.
Snack machines are one of the very important types of food processing machines. They are used for preparing a range of snack food items, including namkeen, farshan, fried dals, potato, banana, plantain, cassava, chips, French fries, fried salty snacks, pani puri, chaat papadi, vermicelli, noodles, etc. For each snack item there is a distinct snack processing machine.

Namkeen,Farshan and Bhujia Extruder

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Description of Namkeen Farshan, snakes Extruder

Snacks, namkeen or farshan are those food items that are consumed mainly for the enjoyment of the taste and to tide the temporary hunger. The snacks, namkeen or farshan items are more durable and less perishable as they consists of natural preservatives. The snacks, namkeen or farshan comes in different mixes and tastes like Khatta Meetha Mixture, Malvi Mixture, Gujarati Mixture Namkeen and many more. To increase the taste, these snacks are also added with various nuts, dry fruits, coconut slices, and other ingredients. For preparing snacks, namkeen or farshan different types of machineries of different sizes are used. Potatoes and gram flour (besan) are used as a base material for preparing snacks

Flow diagram of commercial batch type namkeen, farshan, snack making

For different types of Namkeen, different ingredients are used. Talking about the simplest kind of namkeen besan along with required spings like sev, peas, pulses, Chivda (Indian snacks mixture); (fried) are all mixed together, packed and sent to markets.

For Namkeen like Sev, bhjia, gathiyaFor Fried Nuts and dals

Dough Kneading

Dough Extruding with using different size and shape dies


Mixing of diferent style Indian savories, nuts, fried nuts, dals, rice flacks or maize flacks, etc..


Dal Washing

Extracting water

Frying or roasting




The manufacturing process of Namkeen, Farshan

Namkeen Extruder machine iss useful for extruding gram flour, spices dough (besan) into small droplets. Thease namkeen, farshan, snacks extruder useful for extruding sev, papdi, ganthia etc. The machine is fitted over frying pan. The extruded product lands into the frying pan and then fried. The namkeen extruder machine is also used for Gathiya or gathia bhavnagari gathiya, jamnagari gathiya, methi gathiya, makhaniya gathiya, Tum Tum, Sev bhujia like aloo sev, garlic sev (lasun Sev), palak Sev (spinach sev), tomato sev, bikaneri bujia, ratlami sev, nylone sev, Papadi or papdi and many more. This namkeen extruder can also be used for grating papaya and coconuts.. The shapes of the products can be altered by using sieves of different sizes and shapes.

Operating System of Automatic Namkeen machine (Farsan Making machine)

Prepare the desired amount of dough either with help of Jas flour kneading or mixing machine. or manual. This dough is passing through namkeen extruder machine and long rods of sev, bhujia, gathiya come out from the extruder with fitted die which are directly placed in the frying Pan for Frying. After that kept out from frying pan and place it in to the oil extractor to remove exceed oil. ( Please note that you can use continuous fryer for larger and low fat production).

Benefits of Automatic Namkeen machine ( Farsan Making machine )

  • 360 degree around centre pivoted pillar for easy to frying.
  • Saving in energy due to chain drives are to obtain maximum performance
  • Technical and service support.
  • Easy clean and maintain
  • High return on investment
  • Sanitary design and Maintenance free.

Available modles of namkeen extruding machine (Farsan making machines)

Model NoExtruder SizeHP (KW)Production capacity per hour
Jas-NM-506”0.5 (0.37)25-30 kilograms.
Jas-NM-908”1 (0.75)60-70 Kilograms
JAS-NM-928” brass rotor2 (1.5)70-80 Kilograms
JAS-NM-9312 Inch3 (2.25)180-200 Kilograms

Standard accessories of Namkeen machine (Farsan Making machine)

  • Seven numbers die from Galvanized Sheets.
Grating DiscNylon Sevsev making machineBhavnagari Sev
Grating DiscNylon SevSevBhavnagari Sev
ganthia diePapadi namkeen making machinesFulavadi making machineCoconut chips Making Machine
* GanthiaPapadiFulvadiChips
  • 3 meter cable and 3 pin top as per IS: 1293
  • Suitable 4 Pole totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or Single Phase Sq. cage motor as per IS: 325 or 996.

Extra accessories of Namkeen machine (Farsan Making machine)

  • Dough Kneader
  • Extra die if required
  • Dal Washers
  • Batch Type Fryer / Continious fryer
  • oil Extractor
  • Namkeen mixer machine
  • Starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for Three Phase electric motor.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker as per IS: 8828 with 3 pin top as per IS:1293 for single Phase electric motors.
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