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Namkeen farshan processing line

Snacks include a range of food items that are used for eating in small amounts in between the regular meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not served as the main food item and used to suppress the temporary hunger. Different types of snacks processing machines are designed and developed by us to prepare these snacks. These machines are required only when the amount of snacks to be prepared is high. More commonly snack processing machines are used for commercial purposes.
Snack machines are one of the very important types of food processing machines. They are used for preparing a range of snack food items, including namkeen, farshan, fried dals, potato, banana, plantain, cassava, chips, French fries, fried salty snacks, pani puri, chaat papadi, vermicelli, noodles, etc. For each snack item there is a distinct snack processing machine.

Fafda Gathia Making Machine

Description of Fafda Gathiya Machine

Gathia (often called ganthia), especially lamba (meaning long) or pata (meaning chunky) gathia and Jelebi are a traditional Sunday breakfast for a lot of Indians. Fafda is crunchy snack made from Chick pea flour and served with hot fried chillis and/or Chutney. In the morning, people are lined up at fafda stall for freshly made fafdas. The salty gathia and syrupy sweet jalebis make a perfect combination. Gathia: Lamba, fafda or Pata Gathia (ganthia). The Gujarati’s love this breakfast the most! The queues outside the Indian takeaways on a Sunday morning prove how popular this breakfast is.
Backed by a team of adroit professionals, we are manufacturing an extensive array of fafda gathiya making machine.

Technical Specifications of Fafda gathiya making machine

Model NoKM-FMM-2316EJAS-FMM-2316JAS-FMM-2340JAS-FMM-2350
Power0.25 HP0.25 HP0.50 HP0.50 HP
OptionNylon GearSteel GearGear BoxSteel Gear with chain drive
Feeding Size3.5 inch Feeding3.5 inch Feeding3.5 inch Feeding6 inch Feeding
Suitable forSuitable for fafda gathiyaSuitable for fafda gathiyaSuitable for fafda gathiyaSuitable for fafda gathiya, bhakharwadi, dough sheet. etc,
Approx size15 X 9 x 18 ( 22 kg)18 X 15 x 11 ( 25 kg)16 X 19 x 12 ( 27 kg)

Standard accessories of fafda gathiya making machine

  • Suitable totally enclosed fan cooled single phase sq. Cage induction motor
  • Three meter three core cable along with suitable 3 pin top as per IS for single phase electric motors.

Extra accessories of fafda gathiya making machine

  • Dough Knader
  • Gas / Induction Fryer
  • Commercial electric raw papaya shredder
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