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The JAS destoner is applied for the efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. Its throughput capacity varies as a function of the specific product and its degree of contamination: Its widly used for common wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), spices. In addition to the grain varieties mentioned, the destoner is also used for processing rye, rice, and soybeans.

Multi Grain, seed Destoner Machine

Our clients can avail from us superior range of Stone Separators machines, which is known for its compatible with food industries. Fabricated utilizing high quality raw material, these energy efficient machines are acknowledged for their high performance, sturdy construction, and hassle free longer functional life. Further, the swivel caster used in the manufacturing of these machines ensures easy movement of the range. Available in varied sizes and finishes, our custom designed array is offered at market leading prices.
Jas's Destoner is the ideal solution for removing high density contamination from a continuous flow of grains such as, rice, wheat durum wheat, corn (maize), rye, soybeans, oats, buckwheat, spelt, millet and rice to name a few.
The deck comprises of a perforated screen, through which an upward draft is created by centrifugal fan. Due to difference in density of product and the contaminants, the heavy particles such as stones are retained at the bottom of this fluidized mass and product remains a float. Air velocity can be adjusted to achieve the optimal degree of separation. The oscillating action of the screen causes the heavy particles to work their way to the upper end of the deck from where they are expelled through stone outlet. The stone-free grain floats on cushions of air toward the product outlet located at the lower end of the deck. Discharge occurs at both outlets through a rubber chute, which avoids air ingress.
The Destoner machine is used in various application such as rice mills, grain mills, flour mills etc. In this grain destoner air volume can be adjusted to achieve an optimal degree of separation.
The throughput capacity vary according to the type of product to be handled and contamination in it. Variety of products can be handled – Rice, Wheat, Millets, Sorghum, Barley, Malt etc. Typically, the capacity ranges from 8 TPH to 20 TPH.

Features of Desonter

  • Easy operation
  • Self-supporting
  • Proper leveling
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