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Extruded snacks food making machines (Batch Type)

By manufacturing batch frying systems, we deliver an appropriate apparatus for continuous mixing or stir fry cooking of foods such as snacks. Frying adds a unique taste to the food product while the use of no cooking oil (at least very little) minimizes the amount of fat in the diet. By quickly frying snack products on a very high temperature heated surface, the enzymes are killed which increases shelf life, while the vegetable product maintains a crisp, fresh texture. Our batch frying system are highly efficient as a certain volume of food product is loaded into a frying vessel and stirred for a predetermined time period and then removed and as quickly as possible thereafter the next batch is loaded.

Rectangular batch frying machine

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Description of Rectangular Fryer

Jas enterprise offers two types of rectangular batch fryer with tilting system.

  • Direct Heat Type rectangular batch fryer
  • Indirect heat type rectangular batch fryer

Precisely engineered our rectangular batch fryer reflects the perfection in terms of quality and innovation. Our passion to develop high quality manufacturing machines is apparently visible in these machines, which have earned wide appreciation from our customers for their longevity and convenient operating. These rectangular batch fryers are offered by us at industry leading prices.

Rectangular batch type frying system Direct heat

Direct fryers are those in which the cooking oil is heated by an internal source in the fryer pan.
The rectangular fryer is product in the intermediate range between the batch type and continuous fryers. The unique feature of this fryer is its tilting system that enables unloading of products in a single stroke auto ignition burner thus automated temperature control that provide better and consistent product quality and saving in fuel and oil.
This fryer is best suited for low bulk density products such as corn flakes, rice flakes, kurkure (nicknack), pellets, onion flakes, potato, banana chips etc.

Rectangular batch type frying system (indirect heating)

Rectangular fryer is fabricated in stainless steel body having pan is mounted on a stainless steel body. The pan is having multiple opening for oil inlet from one side and outlet from the other side, the flow of oil is regulated by an oil circulating pump. The heated oil in the pan is coming from the heat exchanger and going out into the bucket type filter from the side of the pan. The pan is properly insulated from the bottom to avoid heat loss. Continuous bucket type filters for filtering the edible oil continuously. The frying system is connected with digital temperature controller and control panel. The unique feature of this fryer is its tilting system that enables unloading of products in a single stroke after frying for uniform and consistent product quality.

Available models of rectangular batch fryer

Model NoPan SizeType of HeatPower / Fuel ConsumptionEdible Oil Holding Capacity
Jas-RDF-504’.6” x 2. 6” ’x 10”Direct250 watt./ 150000 Kcal/hr.130 to 145 Litter
Jas-RIF-504’.6” x 2. 6” ’x 10”Indirect250 watt./ 150000 Kcal/hr.130 to 145 Litter

Approximate production capacity of rectangular batch fryer

ProductsProduction CapacityFuel Consumption
Potato Chips50-55 kg per hour11-12 Litter per hour
Banana chips50-55 kg per hour11-12 Litter per hour
Moong Dal90-95 Kg per hour11-12 Litter per hour
Channa Dal100-110 Kg per hour11-12 Litter per hour
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