Pellet Frying line

Over the last decade the snacks pellet market has grown massively worldwide and Jas enterprise have played a major role in being able to supply equipment incorporating the latest technology in the field of snack pellet processing to meet the exacting standards of our customers around the globe.
There are many different raw materials which can be used for pellet production such as; potato, rice, maize, wheat, corn etc. The pellets are DIV ided into two basic categories, those made from grain (rice, maize, wheat, corn) or those made from potato. The latter being the only one to give the authentic potato taste to the finished product.
Palletized snacks are produced when the raw material is extruded into a recognizable shape, this can be done using a process known as direct expansion or alternatively using a process known as indirect expansion.
The direct expanded pellets are produced in a one step extruder and are ready for consumption following the extrusion process.
The indirect expanded pellets are extruded and then generally sold on as a semi-manufactured product to companies who finish the process by frying them in hot oil then dosing them with flavoring or seasoning before packaging.
Jas enterprise manufactures complete snack pellet frying lines starting from the bunker belt up to the packaging lines with a capacity range of 100 to 1000 kg/hour. Depending on the capacity required, the fryers are either electrically heated or indirectly heated through a steam/thermal oil heat exchanger.

Pellet snacks food production Lines

Pellet Frying Line

Introduction of automatic snack, pellet frying machine

Jas enterprise presents efficient and cost effective pellet frying line for snack food industry. We use premium material and latest technology to ensure our clients get more improved quality range. Also, the products are customized to meet the varied requirements for our clients.
Pellet frying line includes following equipment.

Vibratory feeder with hopper

Vibratory feeder with buffer hopper to feed raw material into frying system, for separating fine extraneous material through sieving system.
Hopper volume: 275 liters

Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

Complete system consists of frying section and peddles, sub merger belt, top hood, takeout belt, oil filter, heat exchanger.
The flow of oil ensures a linear flow of oil, which is necessary in order to have a uniform frying time for the entire product.
The equipment is designed to have a low oil holding capacity (150 liters) in order to achieve low oil turnover ratio.

Heat Exchanger

It is coil type- seamless stainless steel tubes fitted in ms shell, the oil is heated by hot air not direct flame in coils which has an inlet system from one end and heated oil will be coming out from other end and will go to the fryer. Whole burnt fuel used in this system that gives you more than 55% saving in fuel.

Oil tank with cooling system

A double jacketed stainless steel oil tank with 250 liters capacity will be supplied with the fryer for storing fresh and used oil. The tank is designed in such a way so that the flow of water is there in the outer shell for cooling the oil.

Technical specification of pellet fryer

  • Belt width: 500 mm
  • Oil holding capacity: 150 liters
  • Fuel: diesel/kerosene or gas
  • Heat energy: 100,000 kcal
  • Power energy: 3.5 kW

De-oiling conveyor

The conveyor receives pellets from fryer and transports it to further process. It allows the product temperature to come to equilibrium and thus removing excess surface oil, belt speed regulation by VFD. Entire construction is of stainless steel except for the standard parts.

Technical specification of De oiling conveyor

  • Belt width: 500 mm.
  • Length: 2000 mm

Linear feeder

The feeder receives fried pellets from takeout belt and feed to the flavoring drum the feeding speed can be controlled by a VFD. A tray is also fitted on the top of the feeder where dry flavor falls from the applicator.

Technical specifications of linear feeder

  • Drive motor: 0.37 kW 3 phase with VFD
  • Tray width: 300 mm

Flavor applicator and drum

Dry flavor and chips simultaneously fall in to rotary drum which ensures uniform flavor application.

Technical Specification of flavor applicator and drum

  • Applicator motor: 1 HP 3 phase
  • Drum length: 1500 mm
  • Drum diameter: 800 mm
  • Drum motor: 1 HP 3 phase

Control panel

The electrical control panel is hub of all starters, temperature control and variable frequency drives for operation of equipment.

Technical specification of control panel

  • Supply voltage: - 415 volts, 50 Hz, 4 wire (special power can be accommodated : 220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz if required)

Technical specification of pellet fryer

  • Required space: 30 x 15 feet
  • Fuel: Diesel/Kerosene, Gas, Thrermic fluid or wood
  • Material of construction: AISS-304 grade stainless steel
  • Production Capacity : 200, 500 and 1000 Kg/hr.
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