Food Processing Plants, Machinery and equipment

Food Processing Plants, Machinery and Equipment

At Jas enterprise, over three decades of application knowhow.
Process industries sectors have been reaping benefits of Jas's cost effective, performance oriented process heat solution by ensuring conservation of energy and preserving the environment.
Jas enterprises now offer renewable energy dryers through dehydration - dehumidification of/for vegetables, fruits, agriculture products, spices, herbs, roots, wood, and many food products for commercial and industrial sectors. It is the most advanced method of dehydrating, which dries products at low temperature and helps in preserving nutritional value as well as original taste, aroma, fragrances of the product. Dehydrated products can be stored for a longer period of usage. If the products can be dehydrated at the point of origin, huge cost incurred on of cold storage can be saved. With added benefit of low transportation cost due to light weight of dried products. We provide complete application based solution with correct system for each product.

Renewable Energy Dryer

Description of renewable energy dryers

Jas enterprise renewable energy dryer uses ambient air as heat source and dries material at specific low temperature. Low temperature reduces the risk of loss of nutrient content and appearance of the product being dried. Drying cycle incorporates dehydration which conserves energy. Hot air is allowed to pass through the drying chamber where moisture is evaporated from the product. The hot and humid air then passes through the evaporator where the moisture is condensed as air goes below dew points and is dried out.
Dryer capacity 50 - 5000 kg/batch. We provide customized solutions for each application material sample drying test is possible at our high end laboratory.

Feature at glance of renewable energy dryer

  • Products are dried at specific low temperatures there by optimizing product quality.
  • Dehydration is an effective method of drying; which has a large impact on the final taste and appearance of products.
  • Help to preserve food by removing inherent water content which is responsible for growth of bacteria, germs, algae and resultant spoilage and waste.

Comparison of different drying method costs

Many conventional drying methods usually use coal, fossil oil, natural gas, LPG, or electricity as an energy source for drying. Below is comprehensive among several drying methods considering 1 kg of water dehydrated from product to be dried as a standard reference.

MethodElectricityCoalFossil OilGasJas Renewable Energy Dryer
Energy TypeElectricityCoalFossil OilGasElectricity
Heating Value860 kcal/kWh5000 kcal/kg10200 kcal/kg8600 kcal/m3860 kcal/kWh
Heating Efficiency (%)95307080500
Energy Required (kcal)1200
Energy Consumed1.470.800.170.170.28
Energy Price107755010
Operating Cost (₹)14.705.6012.758.502.80

Above calculation is based on assuming 1200 kcal required to dehydrate 1 Kg of water and above energy price. You may recalculate as per present situation.

Technical Specifications of renewable energy dryer

Model NO
Rated Heating CapacitykW4.8
Rated Input Power kW1.833.
Mechanic HorsepowerHP2.4454.47.412.720.160.3
Temperature Range°C18 -75°C75°C Maximum
Rated Dehumidification CapacityLPH448812255012
Loading Capacity per Batch*kg30-8080-12080-20080-170130-250250-500550-11001500-2500
Nos. of Trays
1836403696 (16 tray per trolley)192 (16 tray per trolly)320 (16 tray per trolly)704 (16 tray per trolly)
Number of Trolly-----6122044
Tray Size (LXWXH)mm680 X 710 X 25800 X 60 X 50470 X 640 X 25797 X 600 X 25750 X 660 x 40 750 X 660 x 40 750 X 660 x 40 750 X 660 x 40 
trolly Size (LXWXH)mm----670 X 810 X 1750670 X 810 X 1750670 X 810 X 1750670 X 810 X 1750
Ambient Temperature°C-5 to 43
Power SupplyVolt230V ± 10%230V ± 10%230V ± 10%230V ± 10%400V


50 Hz + 5%
Refrigerant Eco - Friendly
Noisedb(A)≤ 67≤ 68≤ 72≤ 72≤ 65≤ 70≤ 75≤ 85
Dimensionmm1270 X 810 X 19802100 X 1800 X 16502800 X 1100 X 2200-Dryer
1675 X 860 X 120
3160 X 2070 X 2200
1675 X 860 X 120
3160 X 2070 X 2200
2250 X 1360 X 1590
7500 X 3230 X 2200

MOC of Tray
Stainless Steel 304

*Loading Capacity per batch depending upon product type, size, shape and initial water content.
From Ambient up to -20°C, we can offer special models.

Application of renewable energy dryer

Jas Renewable energy dryer are ideally suitable for dehydrate vegetables like lady finger, fenugreek, mushroom, chilies, spices, potato chips, onions, garlic, ginger, chili, carrot, cabbage, coriander, spinach, bitter gourd, tomato, fruits like strawberry, pineapple, mango, lemon, kiwi, grapes, apple, banana, gooseberry, Sapodilla (chikoo), pomegranate, pomegranate, apricot, cashew nuts, herbs like turmeric, mint, basil leaf, moringa, bael, sweet neem, sonamukhi, cumin, flowers like rose, chrysanthemum, other eatables like confectionery, macaroni, vermicelli, noodles, cardamom, grain and pulses. tea leaf, saffron, tobacco, etc. It is also used for drying pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, granules, plastic granules etc. Various models are designed & manufactured to suit customer requirements. Custom-built models can be quoted on request.

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