Beverage processing plants and machinery

Beverage Processing Plants and Machinery

Jas Enterprise, a company that makes the world healthier by making very compact, efficient and powerful sugarcane juice machines. Sugarcane juice is highly rated for its astonishing health benefits and mentioned as a precious ingredient in ayurveda. It is referred to as Amrut (अमृत)' in ancient writings. As the juice presents the healthy life and a pleasant aftertaste, we at Jas Enterprise assure you reliability and quality. These machines require less care in terms of maintenance and repairs, we are backed up by heavy experience and have a very vast customer base to support our claims. We believe in quality rather than quantity which has been our motto since 1990 from the inception of the company and has stayed the same ever since. We don't merely want to make machines and sell them, we want you to have a refreshing sip of pure, fresh sugarcane juice for each day of your life.

Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

Description of Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

When someone is looking for a Sugarcane Juicer Machine, the most important decision is to find a manufacturer who does not only produce the machines but has also spent considerable time to research and practically refine the product. Over the years this is what Popular Steel Industries has exactly done & come up with a Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machine which takes into account all the practical needs of anyone planning to install a Sugarcane Juice Machine.
Our Table Top 3 Roller Sugarcane Juice Machine is a Heavy Duty Model, which is one of the sturdiest and robust cane juicers available in the market as we have constantly evolved our machines with best engineering practices, regular R&D and with over twenty nine years of our experience in Food and fruit processing industries. This table top cane juicer model comfortably sits on any table or counter top. This model is suitable for shop in shop model, restaurants, eateries, cafeteria, juice parlour, canteens, prestigious shopping malls, departmental stores, restaurants, bars, hospitals & schools in India and abroad etc.

Operating Principles of Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

Sugar cane crushed by three steel rollers which is driven by suitable geared motor to extract the juice. The crushing process must break up the hard nodes of the cane and flatten the stems. The juice is collected, filtered severed it cold. The dried cane residue (bagasse) is often used as Bagasse (/bəˈɡæs/ bə-GAS-se') is the dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It is used as a biofuel for the production of heat, energy, and electricity, and in the manufacture of pulp and building materials.

Key features of Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

  • Heavy duty Sugar Cane juice extractor
  • Compact and easy to operate machine
  • Full Body Stainless steel construction
  • Fully automated with three roller operation
  • Operator friendly and safe with emergency stop button
  • Best parts are used not the cheapest for optimal performance
  • Fully hygienic visible juice extraction
  • Heavy duty Motor for powerful operation
  • Noise reduction technology by gearbox
  • Easy to operate & clean
  • Over 90% cane juice extraction in single press

Construction Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

The contacting parts of Sugarcane Juice Machines are made of stainless steel the stand is made from rigid steel construction. Sugarcane Crusher is provided with a stainless steel roller which is best suitable for extract juice from sugarcane. Heavy duty gear box, chain wheel, chain and gears are provided for hassle free operation.

Available model of Table Top 3 Roller Automatic Sugarcane Juice Machine

Model NoJAS-SCJM-750-TTKhasiyat-SCJM-650-ST
TYPETABLE TOP Heavy DutyWith Stand Standard duty
MOTOR1 HP (0.75 kW)1 HP (0.75 kW)
Roller3 Number Solid3 Number Hollow
Size Of Machine22 X 09 X 16 weight 45 kg23 X 18 X 29  weight 71 kg
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