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Commercial Oil Maker Machine

Description of Commercial Oil Maker Machine

Jas Enterprise is leading manufacturers of commercial oil maker machines. It is such a cold-press type oil-making machine.
Commercial oil maker machine commercial oil maker machine this is one of the most trusted brands in the market. We have the widest range of Jas brand commercial oil machines available for sale.
Commercial oil maker machine in use. Oil made by this machine is perfect for various commercial-like printing, automobile, power plant, and many other industrial processes.
We specialize in used commercial oil maker machines, used oil maker machines for sale, offer used commercial oil maker machines, used oil machines for sale, used crude oil generators.
Commercial oil making machine gives us pure and good condition oil. It is normally saved all good nutrients and energy from seeds and fruit, even this machine gives nuts oil also. 100% pure and natural.
This type of oil-making machine is for wide use or for bulk use.

Operating Principles of Commercial Oil Maker Machine

A commercial oil machine is quite expensive but it’s a one-time investment. This type of machine extracts a large quantity of oil and it's pure for our diet. If we think about our health and digestion then the cost is nothing for them.
The capacity of commercial oil maker machine The motor has a good capacity and also is continuously work for 20 hours. Easy to use and the most imported point is to give 100% natural product.
Working quality These commercial oil maker machine works to extract oil from various seeds like nuts, sunflower, walnuts, soybean seeds, mustard, almond, etc. JAS commercial oil maker machine is extract pure and natural oil from all seeds.
Health benefit A commercial oil extraction machine is also known as cold-press oil-making machine it works at a slow speed so it gives maximum nutrients and energy.
The wastage obtained can also be used. Delivers 100% chemical-free oil. Extracts healthy oil which can boost our immune system and helps to prevent cancer and various heart disease. It helps to maintain cholesterol.

Available model of Standard Models

TypeCold Press Oil Maker Machine
Model NoJAS-OMM-2350
TypeCold Press
Voltage220-240 volt AC
Power2350 ± 50 Watt
Motor Power1.14 HP
Capacity15-20 kg per hour (According to Material)
Keep Working10-20 hours Continuous
Power Consumption2.5 Unit per 1 hour working machine
Size45 X 23 X 55 Inch
Weigh160 Kg
Warranty1 Year limited warranty at our site
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