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Commercial Cold Press Wooden Oil Ghani Machine

Description of Cold Press Oil Machine - Wooden oil ghani machine

The exceptionally functional too ideal wooden oil ghani machines, we offer are delivered with a serious level of robotization and embrace computerized temperature control warming press innovation. These accompany a high pressing factor vacuum separating framework and are functional as the most extraction oil press machines in the commercial centre.
These protect that you get excellent ghani oil. Delivered with limited refining producing measures, these empower you to accomplish the regular kind of ghani oil. These kinds of oil making machine is specially designed by acacia tree [babul tree]

Application of Cold Press Oil Machine - Wooden oil ghani machine

Peanut, Groundnut(मूंगफली), Sesame(तिल), Coconut(नारियल), Almond(बादाम), Mustard(सरसों), Sunflower seeds (सूरजमुखी के बीज), Olive(जैतून), Walnut(अखरोट), Flax(अलसी), Neem(नीम), soybean (सोयाबीन), vegetable seeds (सब्जी के बीज), pine nuts (पाइन नट), castor (अरंडी), avocado (एवोकाडो) and many more…

Available model of Standard Models of Cold Press Oil Machine - Wooden oil ghani machine

Type Cold press - Wooden Ghani
Model No JAS-WOMM-2250
Voltage 220 - 240 Volt AC OR 440 Volt Ac
Power 2250 Watts ± 50 Watt
Motor Power 3 HP
RPM 15-20
Capacity 15 - 20 kg per hour (According to Material)
Keep Working 15-20 hours Continuous
Power Consumption 2.5 Unit per 1 hour working machine
Size 42 X 42 X 54 Inch
Weigh 375-400 Kg
Warranty 1 Year limited warranty at our site
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