Potato Chips Production Lines

Jas enterprise have been developing, designing, manufacturing and commissioning potato chips lines for more than 23 years.
Our expertise starts with the raw material. Potato varieties, storage conditions, potato handling and intake systems are all factors which affect the final quality of your potato chips.
De-stoning, washing and peeling solutions depend on local conditions and requirements. We design systems based on your input.
Our core competence lies in the part of the process where the potato slice is transformed to a potato chip. Washing the cut slices. Blanching and frying. All this requires know-how and experience. Jas enterprise can ensure that your potato chip has the colour, texture and crispiness required to suit the consumers in your market.
Jas enterprise has extensive knowledge of the potato as raw material and how to design an effective process. We combine the latest technologies using computer simulation programs and build efficient and reliable process equipment.
We take responsibility for design, manufacture and installation. We will commission the line and make sure that your staffs get professional training in maintenance and process control.

Fully Automatic Potato Chips Lines

Fully Automatic Potato Chips Lines

Description of Fully Automatic Potato Chips Lines

In order to fulfil requirements of potato/banana chips producing industry, we undertake customization works for the entire range of our fully automatic potato chips making machine so as to meet industrial needs of our customers. This is done by our team of food technologists who understand the needs of clients in terms of design and other technical specifications such as capacity, material, heating option, dimensions, and type of fuel.

Some of the main features of Fully automatic potato chips line are.

  • Food safety
    • All contact materials and components are food grade to ensure food safety.
    • Oil filtration system prolongs cooking oil life time which promotes better product shelf life.
  • Consistency
    • Oil enters the fryer kettle through strategically places inlets to ensure even temperature across the fryer.
    • Fryer is automatically control to stabilize cooking oil temperature.
    • Cooking time is adjusted by controlling fryer’s conveyor speed.
  • Engineering excellence
    • Jas semi automatic potato chips line are made of high quality components and material to ensure endurance and high performance.
    • Semi automatic potato chips line are designed to work around the clock with minimum downtime.
    • Semi automatic potato chips line are comes in various sizes and configurations to meet different product and capacity requirements.
  • Easy maintenance
    • The hood, conveyors and paddles can be lifted to allow easy access for cleaning/maintenance.
    • For complete cleaning solution can be circulated through the entire system

Raw Potato Hopper and Feed Elevator

Raw potato hopper and feed elevator is used for transmitting large quantity potatoes in to the potato size grader.

Potato Size Grader

A potato size grader to size grade by length and diameter which exclude any small potato, which may become trapped in the screen thus preventing them from further process.The new, innovative technology makes the graders superior in every aspect. Separation of different variety of potatoes can further be improved by rotary grading drum.

Features of Potato Size grader

  • Simple and trouble free rotary operation
  • Easy adjustments while operating
  • For precleaning or precision grading, large grading area for high performance

De stoner

The screw de-stoner can be used in conjunction with all potato. The integration of this system into a processing line dramatically reduces the potential for extreme wear and tear to associated equipment further along the installation. The screw de-stoner is constructed with a rectangular reception hopper with a vertical transport screw. The screw is driven by a reduction gearbox. The circular water filled hopper receives the product to be de-stoned and in combination with the rotational action of the vertical screw auger draws the water and crop gently up the tube supported by the regular closed screw. For a better separation of the sand out off polluted products, also a round reception hopper with cone can be used. The rotational action raises the product allowing the water to gravitate down the side of the auger. Heavy particles with negative buoyancy remain on the bottom of the hopper. Clean products (without stones) are transported out off the upper side of the transport screw.

Carborundum roller peeler

The roller peeler is suitable for the continuous peeling of root potatoes, carrots. The machine is executed with peeling rollers, each coated with carborundum, and a transport auger which moves the product to be peeled equally through the machine. The number of peeling rollers and the kind of carborundum determines the capacity of the machine. The peeling rollers are mounted side by side; the centre two peeling rollers are located at the lowest position the other rollers are mounted in gradual increments following the shape around the transporting auger. The peeling rollers are provided with a quick release locater for simple de-mounting, and all rollers are driven by a timing pulley with different speeds, ensuring an optimum peeling result and a high capacity. Option: a control panel can be supplied, which controls the number of revolutions of the peeling rollers and the transport auger can be adjusted (independent of each other). The desired peeling result can be adapted optimally to every type of product.

Inspection Conveyor

Inspaction conveyors gently tumble potatoes and other produce for full visual inspection and easy access. Available with trimming removal conveyors and elevated platforms to fit plant layout.
The inspection Conveyor comprised of PVC rollers with inner bearrings which are fastened to hollow pin cain. The chain which is driven at the sprocket by a right angled gearbox pulls the rollers causing them to move forward while rotating in the opposite direction. This allows the potatos to be moved from the start to the end of the conveyor while rotating. Therefore enabling the line opperaters to inspect the product passing by for any inperfections and allows them the oppertunity to remove these items before they pass further on down the line.
All components of the inspection conveyor are of the highest food grade standard with replacement or spare components available upon request. The design of the conveyor is as open as possible to reduce washdown time.

Single potato feed conveyor

Provides a continuous and uniform flow of potatoes to the slicer for maximum slicing efficiency less waste.
Feeding of the potato cutting machines (slicers) is very important to ensure the even thickness of each indivual potato slice. If the thickness of each slice is not even, the quality of each potato chip will not be consistent because the blanching and frying stages in the potato process are designed for evenly sliced potatoes.
Best results are achieved by cutting one potato at the time. The single potato feed conveyor ensures that the potatoes are fed one-by-one into the slicer. The single potato feed conveyor discharge chute can be adjusted to the optimum entering angle approaching the slicer. The single potato feed Conveyor has two screw augers mounted in parallel. The potatoes are separated and fed forward individually.

  • individual feeding of the potatoes
  • Adjustable discharge feeding chute

Potato slicer

Potato slicer has specially been designed for slicing potatoes, designated for the potato industry. Slices, adjustable in thickness of 0.5 up to 5 mm Straight + Crinkle cut can be done with this machine.
Materials are fixed in the stainless steel structure of the rotating die and the gland in feed, the machine carries the drive shaft,through the gear shifting, the die and the slicer can form a certain speed rate. In this way ,the die and the slicer can operate simultaneously and in the same direction. When the slicer rotates to the materials, they can be cut into slices

Potato Slice Washer with Vibratory feeding and high speed conveyor

When the potatoes have been sliced, the starch on the slices is washed away. If it is not removed from the slices, starch will be carried forward into the frying stage of the process. There, it can cause build-ups and could potentially block or damage oil outlets, piping or other components.
Our three step counter flow slice washer consists of following main parts:

  • One rotating tube per slicer
  • Vibratory feeding conveyorDebris, foam and starch removal arrangement
  • High Speed conveyor

The unique jas slice washer washes every individual slice gently and controlled. The rotating tube is placed beneath the slicer discharge. The slices are gently washed twice inside the rotating tube. When they move forward into the vibratory shaker, the slices pass a sorting net. The gauge of the net can easily be changed to the size of the material to be removed.
Fresh water enters the system via a discharge spray ramp. The water passed a bow sieve before it enters the second half of the tube. After this second washing step, the water passed a second bow sieve before being pumped to the slicer. The water then washes the slices a third time before passing a third bow sieve. A special cyclone system will further concentrate the amount of free starch in the waste water.
The jas three step counter flow slice washer uses a minimum amount of fresh water to effectively remove starch from each slice. We can claim that is as good as, or better, than any other washing system.

Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

Frying is an important step. The edible oil temperature should be around 180 degree Celsius; when the potato chips become golden and soft, they should be fished out. Just grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late.

Advance Features of Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

  • Complete system consists of frying section with paddles and sub merger belt, top hood, takeout belt, continuous oil filter, day oil tank and heat exchanger.
  • Make up oil is continuously added to the fryer to maintain optimum level.
  • The flow of oil ensures a linear flow of oil, which is necessary in order to have a uniform frying time for all the slices.
  • The equipment is designed to have a low oil holding capacity (450 liter) in order to achieve low oil turnover ratio.
  • Speed of both the belts can be varied by a variable frequency drive to adjust the frying time. Similarly flow of inlet oil can be regulated with valves.
  • The continuous oil filtration is carried out by a belt type filter, which keeps the frying oil clean and filtered particles are collected in a tray.
  • A stainless steel 304 made oil tank (600 liters) is placed with the fryer which can accommodate entire oil in the system.
  • After frying the chips are received by takeout belt.
  • The fryer is also suitable for potato sticks and banana chips.

Heat exchanger

Coil type seamless stainless steel tubes and mild steel shell instant response

Multi-layer insulation

Lightweight ceramic fibre insulation keeps casing temperatures low and does not deteriorate from age or thermal stress. Low residual heat capacity enhances temperature control and eliminates overheating of oil during unscheduled shutdowns.

Self-cleaning tubing

Completely self-draining, our all-welded stainless steel tube bundles stay clean of particle accumulations. Normal thermal expansion produces no stressing or buckling of the tubes, assuring years of reliable, trouble-free operation.
For cooling of oil a shell and tube heat exchanger will be provided along with fryer for better oil management.
The fryer comes with pneumatic auto lifting arrangement of conveying system for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Complete material of construction will be stainless steel 304.

De-Oiling conveyor

We are expert in providing a broad range of de oiling conveyors, which is used to de-oil the material after frying and transfer to next process of flavour application. This is broadly used in snacks and potato chips lines for separating extra oil are separated from fried material. This is fabricated from better quality raw materials which are sourced from trustworthy and reliable vendors in compliance with international standards. Offered conveyor is highly appreciated for smooth operation, easy mechanism, heavy load carriage capability and longer functional life.

Flavour applicator and tumbler

System suitable for online application of dry ingredients i.e. salt, spices and other flavours etc. For coating on a variety snacks i.e. potato chips, banana chips, fried snack pellets, Indian namkeens, extruded snacks, nuts and other traditional snacks.
We manufacture Continuous Flavouring Applicator, which is a rotary horizontal drum blending the fried products and flavor together so that the flavor is evenly coated as for as practically possible. Degree of inclination of the drum is adjustable according to product. Constructed with SS 304, the drum is provided with inwardly projecting product lifters.

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