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Different models of nuts, seeds, dry fruits and food processing machines, Jas Enterprise offers high capacity slicers, dicers, shredders, milling equipment, cutting machines and other food processing machinery. Worldwide, jas develops solutions for processors in the industries of fruits and vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, seeds, pulses and other food related fields that require precision size reduction equipment. The majority of products for dry fruits cutting, slicing using jas equipment are listed below. Select a product below to learn more about the machines available to assist you with your specific application. If your application is not listed, the please contact to us without hesitations our sales representative will guide you.
A garnish of dry fruit chips is a dramatic way to add shards of concentrated flavor and snappy crunch to winter desserts and soups. Thus Jas Enterprise offer dry fruit chips making machines and dry fruits powders are most use full for making various milk shakes, deserts and sweets and dry fruit.

Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machine

Description of Electric Dry fruit broken pieces (tukada) machine

We have designed and produced almond (badam), cashew nut(kaju), pista, apricot and dry dat groundnut broken pieces making machines that is operated by geared motor. These Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machines are used for effective as well as continuous tukda cutting that facilitates the production process.
Compact in size, these machines are well suited for almond (badam), cashew nut(kaju), pista, apricot and dry dat groundnut. The different contacting parts of our machines is made from aluminium and stainless steel. These machines ensure completely dust free operation and no wastage of product is done. Our machines have single pieces crushing chamber no separate joints or fabrication for outlet.

Features of Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machine

  • Single pieces crushing chamber no separate joints of fabrication for outlet.
  • Effective and continuous tukda cutting process, leading to increased production and faster return on investments
  • Suitable for cashew nut, pistachio nuts, almonds, wall nuts, peanut cutting machine
  • Compact size
  • Dust free operation. No wastage of product and no pollution hazards.

Alternate of Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machine

  • All contacting parts of stainless steel 304 / 316 can be supplied at extra cost. Please ask for the prices.

Standard accessories of Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machine

  • A set of 3 numbers perforated round hole screens are supplied with the machine.

Application of Dry fruit Tukda Cutting Machine

These machines can be used for preparing tukda from almond (badam), cashew nut (kaju), pista, apricot and dry dat groundnut for dairy farm business, sweet makers, icecream manufactureres, chocolate manufacturers, catering business, in hotels, dry fruit suppliers, and bakery.

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