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Nuts, seeds and dry fruit processing machines

Different models of nuts, seeds, dry fruits and food processing machines, Jas Enterprise offers high capacity slicers, dicers, shredders, milling equipment, cutting machines and other food processing machinery. Worldwide, jas develops solutions for processors in the industries of fruits and vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, seeds, pulses and other food related fields that require precision size reduction equipment. The majority of products for dry fruits cutting, slicing using jas equipment are listed below. Select a product below to learn more about the machines available to assist you with your specific application. If your application is not listed, the please contact to us without hesitations our sales representative will guide you.
A garnish of dry fruit chips is a dramatic way to add shards of concentrated flavor and snappy crunch to winter desserts and soups. Thus Jas Enterprise offer dry fruit chips making machines and dry fruits powders are most use full for making various milk shakes, deserts and sweets and dry fruit.

Cashew nuts, almonds, and dry fruits powder Making Machines

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Description of Cashew nuts, almonds, and dry fruits powder Making Machines

Jas enterprise supplies restaurant type businesses with Cashew nuts, almonds, and dry fruits shrader that provide our customers with an easier job of grating, shradeing foods such as soft or hard dry fruits. Our dry fruits grater electric functioning features are equipped to grate soft or hard dry fruits with ease and minimal cleanup or food waste. Additionally, our dry fruits graters are more than suitable enough to provide effective electric greater functionality with grating bread more efficiently and quickly.
Manufactured for the most up to date needs of commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and sweet makers. With built-in dry fruits grater. Also suitable for the preparation of cheese and similar. The biggest output in dry fruits grating.

Application of cashew nuts powder making machine

The food graters is most usefull to grate or shrad Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, coconuts, carrots cucumber, pea nuts, ground nuts, cashew nuts, pistachio, almonds and many other vegetables.

Robust construction of cashew nuts powder making machine

food grater machines with the grating rotary drum is made from stainless steel for longer lasting performance and always perfectly grated product output.It is sturdy enough to handle very hard dry fruits. The belt-driven motor with gear box easily processes the toughest products.

Technical Deatils of cashew nut powder machine

Model NoJAS-DFPM-20Jas-CVG-2525Jas-CVG-2550
Power2 HP (1.5 kW)0.25 HP0.5 HP
Overall Dimensions12 inch X 12 Inch X 24 Inch (50 kg)19 inch Length X 9 Inch Width X 24 inch Heigh 
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