Cassava, plantain and banana chips production Line

Cassava, plantain and banana chips production line

Jas enterprise design and manufacture a wide range of an exclusive machines and equipment for producing superior quality banana/ plantain / cassava chips. Semi automatic banana wafer machines are designed for ripe banana, cassava, taro, yam, sweet potato and plantain chips to achieve maximum product quality and operational flexibility.
The popularity of snack foods is growing fast day-by-day and potato and banana, cassava, taro, yam, sweet potato and plantain wafers have emerged as a potential snack food. A number of organized as well as unorganized groups are already there catering to the needs of tea stalls, restaurants, railway stations, tourist places etc. Still there is a huge demand to be met for these products in interior and remote places in different parts of the country.

Cassava, plantain and banana slicing machine

Description of Cassava, plantain and banana slicing machine

Cassava, plantain and banana wafers are a popular snack eaten world over. Banana / plantain wafers are made by cutting plantain / bananas into thin slices. The slices are then fried in cooking oil. Excess oil is extracted and fried banana wafers are seasoned with salt and other spices as per the requirement and then packed in pouches using suitable packing machine.
This professional banana / plantain wafer machines are fabricated from non corrosive materials. The machine with rotated head and base foundation, in this machine plain wafer like a longitudinal or round can be cutting on this machine. Feeding is done manual in our banana wafer machines.

Flow diagram of commercial batch type plantain and banana chips making machine

The simplest chips of the kind that are just cooked and salted, but manufacturers can add a wide variety of seasonings of herbs, spices, cheese or artificial additives. plantain and banana wafers must be manufactured in a scientific manner and under hygienic conditions. The production process mainly comprises of the following steps:-

Peeling of banana or plantain (Manually)


Slice Washing



Inspection and oil extracting


Cooling at room temperature


Benefits of cassava, plantain and banana slicing machine

  • Uniform and excellent product quality.
  • Saving in energy
  • Technical and service support
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • High return on investment
  • Sanitary design and no maintenance

The manufacturing process of batch type cassava, plantain and banana chips, crisp or wafer making machines

Firm plantain and banana are washed, peeled manually and sliced. cassava, plantain and banana slicing is done by Jas cassava, plantain and banana wafer (chips) machines have been manufactured with the latest technology. There is a mini machine that does this manually. It has a stationary blade on a solid platform with little opening just under the tip of the cutting edge through which sliced cassava, plantain and banana are collected. The peeled cassava, plantain and banana is move back and forth on the blade with relative force. The blade is set to cut at predetermined thickness usually from 1 mm-6 mm. Due to auto pressure system very easy to use, without pulley belts and no fear for heat while frying, you can set thickness of wafer, chips , crisp as you need thick or thin. Just one unskilled labor has to keep feeding peeled banana by using both hands one after another end chips falls directly into frying vessel or brine water. The bananas thus prepared are then dipped in brine water to avoid oxidation. Sometimes turmeric powder is also used for coloring the banana chips or to improve color. The cassava, plantain and banana chips are fried in vegetable oil by Jas batch type fryer and cooled down to the room temperature. These wafers are then packed in polyethylene bags of suitable gauge and size to prevent spoilage.

Construction of cassava, plantain and banana slicing machines

"Jas" Banana wafer machine is fabricated from non corrosive materials. The slicer is operated by an electric motor and power transmitted to the directly coupled with aluminium manual tuber feeder head. It is manually fed with one tuber at a time through the rotating feeding head. The whole tuber falls vertically as it is manually fed by the operator against the fixed tuber slicing die and become sliced. The thickness of the slices is predetermined by adjusting the gap of knife.

Uses of semi automatic cassava, plantain and banana slicing machines

Suitable for cost effective and continuous production of banana, sweet potato, cassava, tapioca, yuca, yams, taro chips, crisp, stick or wafer. It can also do many other tuber floating type of snacks with high moisture in raw product.

Available models of Electric cassava, plantain and banana slicers

Model No JAS-BCS-111-DC JAS-BCS-110-DC JAS-BCS-109-HD Khasiyat-BCS-109E
Function Direct Coupled with DC motor and Speed controllerDirect CoupledV belt DrivenV belt Driven
Type SuperSuperHeavy DutyStandard
Rotating feeding head 3 (1 for round, 1 for ellipse and 1 for long cut)3 ( 1 for round, 1 for ellipse and 1 for long cut )3 (1 for round, 1 for ellipse and 1 for long cut)3 (1 for round, 1 for ellipse and 1 for long cut)
Electric Motor 1 HP (0.75 kW)1 HP (0.75 kW) x 960 RPM1 HP (0.75 kW)1 HP (0.75 kW)
Size in inch
(L X W X H)
45 X 32 X 1536 X 26 X 15

Standard accessories of banana wafer machine

  • Suitable 4 pole totally enclosed fan cooled single or three phase squirrel cage motor is supplied with banana wafer machines{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}
  • One numbers of blades

Extra accessories of banana wafer machine

  • Extra rotating head
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker for over load protraction of electric motor for single phase electric motor or starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for three phase electric motor.
  • De-watering machine
  • Jas circular/ rectangular fryer direct/ indirect heat type with /without tilting system for batch type frying
  • Flavoring machines
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