Vermicelli spaghetti Processing Machines

Vermicelli, Spaghetti processing machines

In South Asia, the vermicelli or Spaghetti is different from what is used in Italy. Here, it is made from semolina, unlike the Italian, which is made from durum wheat.
In English, the Italian loanword "vermicelli" is used to indicate different sorts of long pasta shapes from different part of the world but mostly from South or East Asia. The dish in the original language are variously known as seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, shemai in Bengali, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kannada, sevalu or semiya in Telugu, and semiya in Tamil and Malayalam. The noodles are used in a number of dishes including a variation of kheer, a sweet dessert similar to rice pudding. Vermicelli are also used in many parts of India to make a popular dish called upma. To prepare it, dry oil-roasted vermicelli are boiled with a choice of vegetables.

Vermicelli / spaghetti Making machine

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Description of Vermicelli / spaghetti Making machine

The making process of vermicelli includes the following stages: mixing the raw materials, extruding, drying and packing. The flow diagram showing the process of making vermicelli is presented in following Flow diagram.

Mixing Raw Materials


Drying / Roasting

Length Sizing

Packing of vermicelli

Constriction of vermicelli ( sewai ) making machine

BodyHeavy duty mild steel fabricated body designed for easy to move, clean & for inspection
GearsAlloy steel hardened spiral bevel gear
WarmSpecial cast iron thick warm supplied with machine (on demand warm can supply with stainless steel 304 or brass) fitted with main shaft of vermicelli extruder.
Cooling systemSpecially designed water circulating system for cold running.
Drying systemMachine is supply with fan drying system. And not required any separate motor for it.
Feeder vassalaluminium or stainless feeder vassal with proper taper thus not need to press the dough.

Key features of vermicelli / Spaghetti (sewai) making machine

  • Easy to operate, saving time and labor
    • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thickness of vermicelli and size of finished products are adjustable by changing die.
  • Cold running by water circulating system
  • Advanced design and sanitary
  • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Special alloy spiral bevel gears minimize both friction and noise providing quiet operation.
  • Uniform products, reasonable price, small size, easy maintenance
  • Continuous product length: end numbers
  • Unique and reliable design
  • The vermicelli (sewai) making machinery is highly effective as well as non-stop continuous vermicelli (sewai) making machinery making process

Process of vermicelli (sewai) making machine

It is very well standardized and simple. Wheat and other flours in small quantity are mix with around 25% to 30% of water in a mixer for about half an hour and dough is prepared. It can prepared with help either dough mixer (vermicelli Flour mixer) :( this machine would consist of heavy-duty stainless steel body with multi-purpose arms. Heavy-duty gears are providing to take the full load and to avoid damage to the mixer arms) or by hand.
The mixed dough is then put into a vermicelli extruder. This vermicelli machine uses extrusion principles that will change the dough into vermicelli threads. This extrusion is carried out through small holes in the bottom part of the machine whose diameter can be adjusted according to usage. That is 0.5 mm, 1.6 mm and so on by changing the die. This vermicelli (sewai) making machine is run by electricity. This dough is passing through extruder and long rods of vermicelli come out from the extruder with fitted die 0.5 mm to 1.6 mm, which are cuts into the desire length and then placed in the tray drier for drying. Drying temperature is around 55-65 c and time required is 1.5 to 2 hours. Darien piece are weighing and packed in attractively printed polythene bag. The weight and process loss is around 10%.

Available models of vermicelli (sewai) making machinery

Model no.Required motorApproximate production capacity
JAS-VMM-7771.5 (1.13 kW.)10 to 12 kg. Per hour
JAS-VMM--7782 HP (1.5 kW.)12 to 15 kg per hour
JAS-VMM-7795 HP (3.75 kW.)35 to 40 kg per hour
JAS-VMM-77107.5 HP (5.625 kW.)50 to 55 kg
JAS-VMM-771110 HP (7.5 kW.)100 to 110 kg per hour
JAS-VMM-771210 HP (7.5 kW.)130 to 150 kg per hour

Standard accessories of vermicelli (sewai) making machinery

  • Motor pulley
  • Adjustable rail for fixing the motors
  • 2 numbers of different taper round holes brass die.

Extra accessories of vermicelli (sewai) making machinery

  • Dough kneader (Flour mixer Machine)
  • Dryer Machine
  • Extra taper round holes die for different diameter size vermicelli die.
  • Suitable 4 pole totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor as per is: 325 or 996{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}.
  • Starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for three phase electric motor or suitable miniature circuit breaker as per is: 8828 with 3 meter cable and 3 pin top as per is: 1293 for single phase electric motors.
  • V belts
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