Chapati Making Machines

Chapati Making Machines

We manufacturer, supplier and exporter an added advantage over our close market competitors in manufacturing a comprehensive range of food processing machineries. We supply these advanced machines in worldwide marketplaces at industry leading prices. These machines are being widely applied for varied uses in the food processing industries. These machines are being manufactured by our engineers only from highly quality approved manufacturing processes.
This model is very unique- compact design to accommodate very small area. The chappathi dough-flatened, cut to required size. Roasting will do by manually.

Multipurpose Chapatti, tortilla, roti, paratha making machines

Description of Multipurpose Chapatti, tortilla, roti, paratha making machines

Multipurpose roti, chapatti, tortilla, puri making machine dough just needs to be fed into the hopper and at the outlet one gets raw chapatti, roti or puri. Apart from this no oil is required. Thus, these machines offer oil free, hygienic chapattis at economical prices. This raw chapatti and puri making machine is presented with suitable silicon controlled rectifier rated direct current motor with base speed 300 to 3000 RPM electric motor with variable speed direct current drive which converts incoming single-phase alternating current volts to direct current volts. During this conversion process, DC drive regulates speed, torque, voltage and current conditions of the DC motor. One set of TEFLON coated roll with thickness setting arrangement, flour sprinkling arrangement, and one number dies roll, endless PVC food grade belt is mounted on stainless steel covered fabricated angle stand. This machine is able to produce 1000 to 1200 chapatti per hour or 1500 to 1800 puri per hour depends on the diameter of chapatti and puri and required little space 98 inches length x 24 inches width x 43 inches height.

Flow diagram chapatti, tortilla, phulka roti, or puri making

Dough Mixing (Either by Dough Kneader or by Manual)

Dough Sheeting, flour sprinkling

Die Cutting

Key advantage of multipurpose roti, phulka, puri, tortilla and chapatti making machine

  • Unique and reliable design
    • The Multipurpose chapatti, roti, paratha, tortilla, bhatura, puri and many more making machines are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous process.
  • The Jas-RCM-600 raw chapatti making machine provides ease of use and cleaning, saves labor costs and ensures product uniformity.
  • The flat of dough just needed to be loaded in hopper which passed on to the dough sheet making machine and gauge roller where thickness of the chapatti can be adjusted.
  • A minimized power consummation by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, no wastage of product and no pollution hazard
  • Due to variable speed DC drive, machine's speed can regulate.

Operating system of multipurpose chapatti, tortilla, roti, paratha making machines

Dough Kneader (flour kneading machine)

Our dough kneader's main body is fabricated form mild steel plat of adequate section to give rigidity and robustness. Rotated bowl is made from stainless steel and dough kneader's arm is made from stainless steel and it's driven by gear box. A specialized stainless steel scraper is provided with the dough kneader. Dough kneader's bowl is rotated in clockwise and arm is rotating in anti clockwise thus batch is mix uniformly. Fabricated "V" belt guard is provided for safety.

Dough Sheet making machines:

Dough sheet making machines consisting of a heavy duty frame with gauging rollers driven by a motor with gearbox arrangement would be provided. The horizontal plate of stainless steel for supporting of the flat dough which is prepared from flat making machine or manually prepared thick flat dough is provided. The dough is smooth formed from a sheet and feed to the gauging rollers. The distance between the gauging rollers would be adjustable and this would depend on the desired thickness of the roti, chapatti sheets the rollers would be Teflon coated (food-grade material). There would be an intermediate endless food grade belts conveyor to feed the dough sheet to the cutting roll. The conveyor belt would be of food-grade material.

Rotary cutting unit:

A rotary cutting is would be fitted on a roller for smooth and accurate cutting roti, chapatti as per the desired size. There would be a provision for shifting the generated chapatti scrap back to the scrap collection tray.

Standard accessories of Multipurpose chapatti, roti, paratha making machines

  • 1 HP (0.75kw) DC electric motor along with variable speed drive suitable for electric single phase or three phase
  • One number stainless steel dies roll with PVC dies

Extra accessories of Multipurpose chapatti, roti, paratha making machines

  • Dough Kneading Machines
  • Extra dies roll for different shape and diameters
  • Extra PVC Endless conveyor belt for overseas customers
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