Industrial crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipment

Industrial Crushing grinding and pulverizing equipment

This pounding machine (kandap machine) is suitable for pounding all types of spices and herbs. The body is sturdy fabricated of heavy ms angles. The cam shaft is made of alloy steel and arms with gun metal bushes provided at moving points.
The hollow pan is fitted with the machine itself and thus it is very sturdy and does not require concrete foundation.

Pounding Machine

Description of Pounding Machines

Pound means strike or hit heavily and repeatedly.
Jas enterprise offers pounding machine (kandap machine). It is ideal for making powder of food grains and ayurvedic medicines according to traditional methods. It is fitted with cam lever arrangements for extra power to hammer. Automatic stirrer is provided in the chamber to shift the materials while hammering. It is equipped with specially designed lever to lock or unlock the hammering process. Sieving can be done while hammering is locked / stopped. It is provided with fly wheel with pulley for easy smooth operations. Some of its features include less noise, dust free operation, no wastage of product and pollution hazards, low maintenance, etc. Grinding is carried out in a cool atmospheric temperature, which guarantee against any thermal degradation of product quality and flavors.

Operating principle of pounding machine

A pounding machine consists of a set of heavy steel pounds, loosely held vertically in a frame, in which the pounds can slide up and down. They are lifted by cams on a horizontal rotating shaft. On Jas Enterprise's pounding machine, the camshaft is arranged to lift the pounds from the side, so that it causes the pound to rotate. As the camshaft moves from under the pounds, the pounds falls onto the material below, crushing the rock, spices, roots etc and the lifting process is repeated at the next pass of the cam. Jas enterprise specially designed lever to lock or unlock the pounding process. grading can be done while hammering is locked (stopped) / unlocked.

Construction of pounding machine

Pounding machine (kandap machine) made from heavy duty iron fabricated structure. Having 50 mm diameter x 1200 mm length hammers which is leafs by steel cam. Pound plate made from cast iron and covering chamber from sheet. Mild steel fabricated automatic stirrer in the chamber to shift the materials while hammering. A special designed lever to lock and unlock the hammering process sieving can be done while hammering is locked / stopped.

Typical application of pounding machine

The Jas pounding machine can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Herbs and spices like red chillies, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, red pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, dill seed, shell corn, gingko, ginseng, kava, black cohosh, ginger root, yucca root, cassava root, kava root, etc.

Outstanding features of pounding machine

  • Unique and reliable design
    • The pounding series machines are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous crushing process.
  • Compact size
  • Dust free operation
  • Ideal for dry crushing
  • Increased production leading to faster return on the investments
  • Rail for motor adjustment Machine and motor pulley
  • V belt for motor and fly wheel
  • Ideal pulley
  • Low temperature rise for heat sensitive materials

Technical specifications of pounding machine

Model noJAS-PM-101JAS-PM-151JAS-PM-201
Hammers Diameter50 mm50 mm50 mm
Hammers Lengths1200 mm1200 mm1200 mm
DriveV- belt typeV- belt typeV- belt type
Power Supply1 HP2 HP2 HP
Cam shaft RPM95 to 10095 to 10095 to 100
Pound per minute195 to 200285 to 300390 to 400
Approx production capacity per Hour8 – 10 kg/Hr.12-15 kg/Hr.16-20 kg/Hr.

Standard accessories of pounding machine

  • Suitable totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}
  • Motor and machine pulley and v belts
  • Vibrating stirrer for moving ground materials
  • Ground material vibrating screening system with lock and unlock provision.

Extra accessories of pounding machine

  • Foundation bolts
  • All contacting parts stainless steel 304 / 316 can be accommodated
  • Different mesh screen for grading ground materials
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