Industrial Mixing and blending machinery

Industrial Industrial mixers and blenders

Excellent mixing results are achieved in short time, batch after batch. Slow and gentle, the single / twin paddle mixer also saves you installation cost, space energy cost. The mixer provides homogeneous mixing, gentle mixing, low maintenance, minimum heat generation etc.

Paddle blender and pug mixer

Description of Paddle blender and pug mixer

Paddle style agitators are specially designed to scoop, lift and tumble materials in a gentle, but thorough mixing action. While being mixed, the material travels in a three dimensional "figure 8" pattern. The material is constantly being pulled from the ends of the mixer to the middle of the "figure 8" where the most aggressive mixing is taking place. This unique paddle design is ideal for mixing solids or liquids of various particle size, density and viscosity. The gentle scooping action is ideal for blending fragile ingredients such as nuts or fibre glass strands. Paddle mixers work effectively when filled to as little as 20% of rated capacity, thus allowing flexibility of batch sizes. Paddle style agitators allow easier access for cleaning between batches

Effects of paddle mixer and pug Blender

The paddles are positioned to move the material in opposing lateral directions as well as radically. The paddle design is generally employed where friable materials are being blended.
Paddle mixer consists of several elements: a centrally mounted horizontal shaft that rotates within a cylindrical container, paddles, plough or other shaped mixing elements that are attached to the centrally mounted shaft, special openings at the top for feeding materials, manually tilt able tank operated, inside a cylindrical conduit and a complete drive unit.

Application of horizontal paddle mixer

These are horizontal paddle mixers utilized for blending dry material, powdery granular, short fibreed, moist solids and liquids together with pasty substances up to and including highly viscous masses.
Powder and semi dry solid mixing, cutting fat into flour, addition of oil and liquid into powder, mixing soap, extending colours, incense stick / agarbatti industries
Pastes and filter cakesLiquid addition is possible through spray bars. Cakes and pastes are usually thick and resist blending without a proper mixing design. The mixing action of the bent paddle design effectively moves materials such as pigment, minerals, ceramics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Contact parts of the mixers can be polished to any level to help release these sticky materials for minimal batch retention during discharge.
This machine is most useful for noodle, vermicelli, papad making machine.
Abrasive materialsAbrasive materials present a unique challenge to mixing equipment. Standard mixers can wear out quickly when processing abrasive materials. Our line of paddle mixers has the solution. Our special paddle design gently lifts and pushes material producing a gentle cascading action, thus reducing the wear of the agitator. The welded paddles allow for easy wear compensation and eventual replacement. This lengthens the useful life of the agitator while reducing overall maintenance costs. For especially aggressive materials, we can make the paddles from abrasion resistant steel and install abrasion resistant liners for the tank.
Animal feed Our blenders are widely used in feed mixing industries creating uniform mixes efficiently. We understand that health of an animal can be dependent on mixes being accurately and uniformly blended.

Industrial Paddle mixer design

Body: - the main body is made of heavy duty stainless steel / mild steel sheet, with top cover for easy opening and cleaning or for inspection. Every portion in the machine, which meets the international standard
Arms: - thick mild steel / stainless steel - machined plates mounted on main shaft.
Bearings:- best deep groove ball bearings in cast iron housing with suitable grease cups for lubrication.
Gears: - cast iron hob cut spur gear for long life.
Lubrication: - a bearing are provide with grease cup for lubrication thus its give long life of bearings and reduce fiction losses.

Model NoCapacity Per BatchRequired H.P (kW)
Jas-PM-101510 to 15 Kg.2 H.P. (1.5 kW)
Jas-PM-303530 to 35 Kg.3 H.P. (2.25 kW)
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