Industrial crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipment

Industrial Crushing grinding and pulverizing equipment

Our organization focus on manufacturing Instant Masala Grinder. Across industrial processing units, these grinders are widely used for grinding masala and for making ginger,garlic paste and chutney. These grinders using in industrial kitchens and canteens due to their easy usage and reliable operations.

Further Details:

Instant Masala Grinder is a heavy duty machine ideal for grinding ginger paste, masala, chutneys, etc.

High speed Multi Purpose Masala and Herbs Grinder Machine

Description of Single Phase High speed Multi Purpose Masala and Herbs Grinder Machine

The high-speed multi function grinder features is adopted latest technology, with the following features: fine structure, low noise, small size, no vibration, compact appearance and easy operation. It can grind all kinds of corns and grains into fine powder at 50-300 mesh. It is widely used in families, clinic, hospital, pharmacy and institute laboratories. Our Machine can grind dry materials such as spice, Chilli, pepper, herb, pearl, nut, wheat, rice and so on. The material is more hard the powder will be more fine. Do not clean machine with water, you can clean the machine by cloth or brush.

Application of Single Phase High speed Multi Purpose Masala and Herbs Grinder Machine

The techno wings brand Spice Grinders can be used for a wide range of application food products, herbs and spices like red chillies, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, red pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, dill seed, shell corn, ginkgo, ginseng, cava, black cohosh, nutmeg, ginger root, yucca root, cassava root, tea, coffee, suitable for dry leaves, hard herbs, sugar, all lentil grinding, and cotton et cetera

Available Models of Spice Grinder

Model NoJAS-MG-1500JAS-MG-2000JAS-MG-3000
Power1500 Watts2000 Watts3000 Watts
Capacity350 g500 g1000 g
Power1500 Watts2000 Watts3000 Watts
Weight3.5 kg6 kg9 kg
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