Industrial crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipment

Industrial Crushing grinding and pulverizing equipment

On a mission to provide a complete range of crushing and pulverizing machineries and thus constituency for troubleshooting, we are pleased to introduce our self as a leading manufacturing unit engaged in the business of pulverizer. The range of pulverizer is available from 10 kilogram per hour to 400 kilogram per hour in different application.
We have a wide range of pulverisers that are designed and manufactured to yield maximum efficiency to our clients. These pulverizer machines are used for crushing and grinding different types of vegetables, spices and other food products. Available at competitive rates, these machines are known for their efficiency and durability.

Jacketed mini Pulverizer

Description of Jacketed mini Pulverizer

Jacketed mini pulverisers, conventional in design have its own advantages for various applications. A build-in water circulation jacket retains grinding temperature lower than otherwise. Design provides for admitting extra air during grinding to facilitate cool operation. Soft to medium hard materials are quickly pulverized to fine powder.
The techno wings jacketed mini pulverizer comprises of a heavy duty mild steel / stainless steel body, which comprises of a feeding hopper, with a feed regulator slide. The jacketed mini pulverizer body is inlaid with a delivery trough attached at the bottom, with a delivery trough attached at the discharged end. The rotor and beater are mounted on shaft, running in ball bearing housing at a speed of 4500-6000 RPM the whole unit is mounted on a strong steel stand.

Operating principal of Jacketed mini pulverizer

The flow of material from the feeding hopper is regulating by means of side handle easily to suit the load. Rotor with four cutters runs in anti-clockwise direction. The beater pass just beneath the ratchet teeth liner fitted inside the top half of the crushing chamber, leaving a gap of 1/8" (3 mm) between the liner teeth and the tips of the rotating beater. This cuts the material caught between the liner teeth like a sword with a scissors action at a high speed rotations. After the required size reduction, the material will pass through the screen fitted inside the lower discharge end of the pulverizing chamber. No sieving is required, as the appropriate size screen fitted will not allow coarser material to pass through. The air generated in the crushing chamber forces the powder to pass through the screen fitted at the bottom discharge end of the crushing chamber, into a filter attached to the delivery trough below. (when crushing wet-pulpy materials, the balloon should not be use)

Servicing guidelines of Jacketed mini pulverizer

Open the cover of chamber all pulverizing parts cleaned with a brush in couple of minute and the pulverizer is ready for next crushing. If required, the grinding chamber can also be wash with water. Remove the cotton balloon and the screen, close the cover tightly and start the grinder. Now pour a bucket or two of water into the hopper. The grinding parts will be flushed with the water and cleaned. Continue running the machine for a few more minutes as the draft of the fresh air sucked into the grinder will dry it. The beater when worm out removed and reserved by removing the cur clip lock holding to the rotor pins. When both the edges are worm out, they sharpened on an emery stone, to be use as new. In addition, when completely warn out, replaced the equal weight and refitted.

Rugged construction of Jacketed mini pulverizer

Techno Wings brand jacketed mini pulveriser is made from specially selected materials. The beater are interchangeable and reversible thus, the pulveriser will last for a life time with minimum replacement of parts. Mini pulverizer is made from cast iron body. Grinding chamber lined with serrated wear plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. Grinding done by a set of swinging four numbers inter changeable and reversible beater on a balanced rotor which is fitted on a shaft. Shaft is fixed with a suitable deep groove ball bearings which is continuously lubricated by oil (company supplying the machine without oil) instead of rubber oil seals metal seals are used for avoiding friction and maintenance, which will occur due to the use of rubber seals. A screen classifier forms the lower half of the grinding chamber.

Typical application of mini pulverizer

The techno wings mini pulverisers are widely used for grinding of dry/wet spices, herbs & roots, ayurvedic leaves, dry neem seeds, dry neem flakes, dry neem cakes, herbal sticks, sandal wood, neem leaves or seeds, nux-vomica seeds, patchouli stems, cinnamon, dry ginger, moti ( pearls ), herbal stems / roots, amla, berda, daru haldar, chilli, coriander, turmeric, curry powders, black pepper, dehydrated vegetables, cumin, asafoetida, green chilli, jaljira etc. These pulverizer machines can also be used as a fruit finisher. The techno wings jacketed mini pulverizer can also be used for the following dry applications like agricultural chemicals, broken biscuits (hi-fat/low fat), custard powder, coffee, charcoal, dals, dyes and pigments, fillers, henna leaves, herbs, leaves and roots instant foods insecticides and pesticides, kaolin moulding powders, pharmaceuticals, plastics, poultry feed and marine feed, resins, sugar (biscuit grade/icing grade), separates, tea etc

Outstanding features of jacketed mini pulverizer

  • Grinding is carried out in a cool atmospheric temperature, which guarantee against thermal degradation of product quality and flavours.
  • Unique and reliable design
    • The Jacketed mini pulveriser series machines are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous pulverizing process.
  • Compact size
  • Dust free operation
  • Ideal for dry crushing
  • Increased production leading to faster return on the investments
  • Very easy to operate thus do not required skilled labour.
  • Interchangeable and reversible joint less hardened beater thus, the pulveriser will last a life time with minimum replacements
  • Low temperature rise for heat sensitive materials

Technical specifications of jacketed mini pulverizer

Model noTw-JMP-4STw-JMP-5STw-JMP-6S
Chamber size200 mm x 75 mm250 mm x 100 mm300 mm x 100 mm
Pulveriser's RPM4500 to 60004500 to 60004500 to 6000
Motor HP ( kW)2 HP ( 1.5 kW) Or 3 HP (2.2 kW)5h.p. ( 3.7 kW) Or 7.5 HP ( 5.6 kW)7.5 HP ( 5.6 kW) Or 10 HP (7.5 kW)
Fineness range2 to 100 B.S.S. Mesh

Standard accessories of jacketed mini pulverizer

  • One number cotton balloon
  • Five numbers of different size holes screen for getting different mesh powders.
  • A water storage tank with pump, pipe fittings.

Extra accessories of jacketed mini pulverizer

  • Three meter suitable cable along with ampere meter and miniature circuit breaker and suitable totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor{electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase}
  • All contacting parts stainless steel 304 / 316 can be accommodated
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