Jas Enterprise

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

  • crushing pulverizing equipments
  • Grains pulse processing machine
  • Vibrating and rotating screens
  • mixing and blending machinery
  • Chapati making machines
  • Papad Making Machine
  • Noodle processing machines
  • Spaghetti processing machines
  • Potato chips making lines
  • Cassava plantain banana chips production line
  • Namkeen snacks production line
  • Extruded snacks foods making machines
  • Commercial kitchen equipments
  • nuts, seeds and dry fruit processing machines
  • beverage processing plants and machinery

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Since 1990, Jas enterprise has been doing it all. We have been proudly manufacturing a full line of industrial crushing, grinding and pulverizing equipments including screen less impact pulverizer, hammer mills, spices mill, grains mills, dal mill and different kind of size reduction equipments we also manufacture and export food & beverage proceeding machinery including: semi and fully automatic chapati makers, pani puri making machines, papad making machines, vermicelli, spaghetti and noodle making machines, namkeen machines, potato, cassava, plantain and banana chips production lines, Extruded snacks processing machinery, fruits and vegetable peeler, slicer, dicer, and grating machines, commercial mixers, grinders, blenders, mincers and stirrer also fruit juicer, pulper, vending machines and more, suitable for an ever growing number of industries in virtually any application.
From portable laboratory scale units to complete turnkey industrial systems, our expert engineering team will work with you to design a complete food processing solution for your unique processing objective. The result - customizing without the custom price tag.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Jas Enterprise can produce it with higher efficiency cost effectiveness.


About Jas Enterprise

At Jas enterprise we understand that many factors must be considered when choosing the right equipment. Our aim is to match you with a suitable plants or machinery for your specific material and processing goals.